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We welcome collaborative engagements with experts, journalists, businesses, professionals and other stakeholders to add value to The Wealth Today platform and the industry as a whole.

The Wealth Today offers topical coverage on a range of current developments shaping the wealth and investment landscape. We invite you to engage with your audience with enhanced inclusivity through thought leadership, you have the opportunity to collaborate with us on range of topics in the wealth, trade, business, innovation and investment landscape.
We can engage on any of our content series including interviews, blogs, opinion pieces, columns, webcasts, podcasts and digital roundtables.


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You can write the topic, focus area, and benefit for the readers to us at
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We welcome blogs, articles, news, and commentaries. Approval of the content will depend upon content, relevance, and quality.
You may note that we cover the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
The blogs should be approximately 500 words and any original feature article could range from 1200 to 1500 words.
If you are submitting a full article, please do attach or mention the source and links with it.
We would get back to you within a maximum of 4 days if we are publishing the article. If we don’t, please consider no response as our inability to publish the content this time. However, we would always look forward to your forthcoming articles or blogs.
As much we would like to support your efforts in developing original content, we may not be able to compensate you monetarily at this point. However, we would be happy to acknowledge, brand, and market you and your work through all means available to us. We can discuss other opportunities we may leverage together.
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