The Wealth Today Awards

the wealth today awards give you the opportunity to nominate your work, rub shoulders with your peers, raise your team and organization’s awareness among the industry in the region.

The competition is fierce and acknowledgment of your excellent work in front of the regional industry and your peers gives your brand and marketing department, a well-deserved recognition which could be leveraged to position yourself as a unique brand in front of your potential customer.

the wealth today awards are an exceptional chance to meet the top executives and enjoy the day over a day conference and evening awards reception. If your company or team wins, you will get a chance to nominate senior members from your team to attend the conference as well as the award ceremony. Your shortlisting or winning would get you widespread coverage and branding across all the media available to the wealth today.

We will shortlist the categories soon and you can subscribe to our newsletter and register at to get the update on the categories, as soon as they are ready.

Enquire about the networking and sponsorship opportunities.

There is no cost to nominate. You can do so by filling up the nomination form available on the awards website. You can reach us for any query by writing at or call at +971 50 94173085